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Man, do I have stories to tell from yesterday’s show. But I’ll keep it down to just the meet and greet part. Everything moves pretty fast once it gets going because there are a lot of people to get through. I brought the guys rubber band bracelets I had made recently and in the picture above, Andy and Patrick had actually put theirs on and I didn’t even notice until I saw the picture. But anyways, Pete was first and I had him sign my copy of Grey. I gave him the bracelet and he said thank you. I meant to only have Andy and Joe sign my ticket because I felt bad for having two things for Patrick. But they passed it down to fast with me trying to speak and give them their little presents. Each of them said thank you. But when I got to Patrick he signed the ticket and I was like “Oh no, I had wanted you to sign this.” But he was sweet and took my phone and signed it. Then I put his bracelet down and said this was for him. He looked up for the first time in our interaction and he smiled wide and said “thank you so much” I said your welcome and ran off with my stuff.

After that you get back in line for your picture. And I kept thinking I wanted to ask for a funny picture but I had been out in the sun all day at that point and honestly just wanted to fall over. So I just hoped for the best and I am so happy with the picture I got. But anyways, I walked over and a lot of the time when a person stands next to Patrick they just go to him and turn and smile. I made it a point to walk over but look up at Joe with a big smile before turning to Patrick who threw his arm around me which just made me squee haha. After the picture I turned to say thank you and Patrick smiled and said in that cute soft voice of his “I really like your shirt” and I knew I was blushing for awhile after that. I already knew I looked a hot mess in it but it just made me happy.

The show was amazing even if it did start to rain heavily. It eventually got worked out even if I was standing in wet clothes for the whole show after haha. But oh well, the night was still great.

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Okay, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve made a real post here on tumblr. But I went to see Candy Hearts tonight and it was simply to amazing not to blog about. My friend and I were the first in line so we hung out and even saw the band unload big red. Of course we picked up some merch which of course was awesome. My friend picked up all the physical copies which just made Mariel light up with glee. The only sucky part is that maybe 30 people showed up to the show? I’m not sure, it just didn’t feel like a lot and my friends and i felt bad since we love their music. So we made sure to sing extra loud and just have fun with it. I mean, we had the space to dance around so I didn’t pass that up. I was even lucky enough to get Mariel, Matt and John to sign my copy of All the ways you let me down that I had brought with me. The set was great and they honestly deserved to have more people there watching them. But all in all Mariel was great and I look forward to the next time they roll through Dallas. I did shoot one video of a song but the audio is crap. I have a friend making me some gifs of the video though so it will at lest get some love out of it. So once I have those I might post them too! Anyways sorry for the long post, it’s been a long day but a pretty exciting one.